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Cinematography Portfolio

I want to create new and beautiful visuals in order to help elevate a project. After spending a year studying Cinematography in FAMU, Prague I have developed skills in both 16mm film and digital camera work as well as shaping and crafting light.

DOP AM.png

(2020) [Documentary] [Prague, Czech Republic]

Director Jelena Filimonovic

DoP Rory Fitzpatrick

"A short documentary following the aspirations and outlooks of an outgoing woman from Prague named Michaela"

Screenshot 2022-05-25 at
Screenshot 2022-05-25 at 21.29.55.png

(2020) [Drama] [Nová Paka, Czech Republic]

Director Luke Terrell 

DoP Rory Fitzpatrick

Editor Roman Iakovlev

"A lonely man in a cabin discovers that his robotic girlfriend has been having an affair with him"

| Luke Terrell | Andi Schmidt |

Sarka title.png

"A short film based on the legend of the the warrior Šárka, who lured men into the Divoká Šárka gorge in Šárka Prague, Czech Republic."

(2021) [Drama] [Prague, Czech Republic]

Director Valeri Belbel Oliver

DoP Rory Fitzpatrick & Grainne Galvin

Screenshot 2022-05-25 at 21.37.32.png

| Iris Birke | Jake Ramsay |

Screenshot 2022-05-25 at 20.37.46.png
MFTMTSAA title_edited.png

(2019) [Experimental] [Northern Ireland]

Created by Rory Fitzpatrick

"A boy explores generational corruption by recounting how his father taught him to swing an axe."

Winner of Galway Film Fleadh 2019- 1 Minute Film Festival


"A modern interpretation of the Irish myth of Tír na nÓg, following a young man as he discovers a desolate world underneath the ocean. "

(2018) [Experimental / Fantasy] [Northern Ireland]

Created by Rory Fitzpatrick

Winner of Gold Remi Award - Worldfest Houston 2018

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