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I offer services in Camera Assisting and Spark work, with particular experience in working with analogue formats. I am a 2022 graduate of the NFS, Dublin and have also spent a year in the Czech Republic studying at FAMU, Prague, where I specialised in Cinematography. Through this and various other projects I have developed skills in the use of 16mm formats, as well as digital cinema cameras such as the Alexa range. 

Please find my CV attached below

Camera Operation 

I specialise in Camera Operation for live streaming platforms. I have experience with a variety of camera systems and rigging scenarios. My operating has allowed me to work with clients such as The Lir Academy, Dublin and COP27, Egypt. 


Camera Assistant 

I have experience in both 1st and 2nd AC positions, and handling various formats of cameras. 

A basic kit bag included

16mm Film Experience

Analogue formats provides a strict workflow that I thrive in.  I have worked with the Arri SR models with 16mm film and have gained experience in exposure control and precise focus pulling.


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